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Signing of the insurance policy

All Risks Mortality Coverge: Vet Certificate, Proposal Form, Horse Purchase Invoice (if applicable), Justification of Value (such as in the form of competition results) and Owner / Trainer Declaration Loss of Use Extention: Horse Radiographic Views and Tendon Scans Anaesthetic Cover: Anaesthetic Vet Certificate, Proposal Form, Horse Purchase Invoice (if applicable) and a Justification of Value (such as in the form of competition results). You can download the Proposal Form on the our website in Section “Our Solutions

The value of the horse is agreed by the owner with the Insurer, based on origin, gender, age, purchase price and use. The sum insured should reflect the market value – i.e. the value you would look to sell the horse if it was for sale.

The minimum insurable sum is €50,000.00.

This will depend on the type of cover being requested but please submit your proposal form and we will confirm.

Normally from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 15 years of age. However in special cases we can insure foals from 24 hours old and horses than 15 years.

Insurance starts on the agreed date specified in the contract but only if the premium has been paid. The duration of the insurance is 12 months only (unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing).

The insurance is valid in the following countries (including transits within and between):
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Other countries / Worldwide coverage is possible on request.

Death, humane destruction or theft are insured during a transit (via land including loading and unloading) in the countries stated in the geographical limits. On request, and with the Insurer confirmation, cover can be extended to include international transport and air transport to and from other countries. An additional premium is required for this along with full details of the transit.

The Insurer will pay up to a maximum of 75% of what is the lowest of the fair market value or the insured sum specified in the Certificate, if the horse is rendered permanently incapable of fulfilling the purpose for which it is kept as stated in the schedule, resulting from an accident, injury, illness or disease first manifesting itself during the period of insurance.

When your horse is having an operation being carried under a general anaesthetic, cover can be purchased for this to insure the horse for the risk of death as a result of the general anaesthesia. Details of the operation being performed, and at which vet practice, are required and must be agreed before any cover is in place.

Management of the insurance policy

Any changes to the value of the horse must be agreed by the Insurer. Value changes can be made during the policy period and these changes will impact on the premium charged. Any increase in value will be subject to confirmation of the health of the horse and this may be in the form of a health declaration, veterinary clinical history or a veterinary certificate satisfactory for Insurer.

The Insured has the right to cancel the insurance contract within a period of 14 days from the start of the insurance in text form (for example, letter, fax, e-mail). If there is no longer an insured interest in the insured horse, for example because the horse has been sold, the contract ends but you must inform us of this as soon as the sale has taken place.

The policy does not provide for tacit (automatic) renewal at the end of the annual insurance period (or the policy period specifically agreed with the Insurers). It may be renewed by specific agreement with the Insurer following the filling in and signing of the Proposal Form. This will then be reviewed and, if accepted, a quotation will be provided for renewal terms for review.

The accepted premium payment method is by bank transfer. The Insured must send an email to Mediorischi with evidence the payment has been made.

What to do in the event of a claim

If an insured horse is found dead, the Insured must immediately report the death to the Insurer, via Mediorischi. If a vet is treating a horse that they believe should be put to sleep, the Insured must also contact the Insurers urgently to discuss the situation. Once a horse is deceased, a Post Mortem must then be arranged to establish the cause of death and this report, along with a detailed Claim Form, must be submitted to the Insurer, via Mediorischi, for review. The Claim Form can be downloaded from our website in the Section “Contact us – Report a claim” and please read the policy wordings for further details of what to do in this situation.

The Insured must immediately report the theft of the horse to the Insurer, via Mediorischi, and to the local Police and follow strictly their recommendations. The Insured is not allowed to pay, or promise to pay, a ransom or give similar assurances of any such nature to any third party.

The Insured must provide the Insurers, as soon as possible, with a report signed by the treating Veterinarian describing the surgery performed and describing the condition of the horse, future prognosis and treatment plan plus copies of all service invoices for which the request is made.

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